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We are now selling Dr. Schulze's Product's

For a Limited Time only! When you purchase $40.00 or more you will get $10.00 off on your next Body Work or Deep Tissue Massage!

These are the items we have in stock and the Benefits you will receive with each product!

  • Deep Tissue Stick Benefits: It Soothes muscles with a deep-penetrating formula and more.

  • SuperFood Plus Benefits: It BLASTS every cell in your body with vitamins and minerals to give you more. Plus more!

  • SuperFood 100 Benefits: You will get 100% of your RDI of vitamins A,C and E. and more.

  • Echinacea Plus Benefits: It will strengthens your immune system and increase immune chemicals in the body and blood and more.

  • Intestinal Formula #1 Benefits: It will Detoxify while it cleanse your body of accumulated waste and more.

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