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About Us


Our approach to bodywork includes addressing and eliminating postural distortions caused by muscular tension and muscular imbalances. We believe that the body’s inefficient opposition to gravity causes musculoskeletal pain. In other words, gravity forces the body’s weight to shift off the bones and onto the muscles. This shifting, altering, and compensating often leads to the formation of trigger points, referral of pain to distant areas, deviations (unevenness) in leg lengths, distortions in the pelvis and spine (misalignments), depressed or elevated shoulder girdles, collapsed (stooped or slouched) upper body, forward head positioning, and other ailments.

Our objective is to start focusing on muscles that are overly “locked” short from chronic excess muscle and nerve tension (CEM&NT) and the muscular imbalances that link poor posture, musculoskeletal pain, and the restriction of body movements.

Our unique approach to skillful resolution of chronic muscle tension and the many problems it causes separates Arukah Touch from all other forms of treatment currently available.

Many of our Clients have been to many kinds of therapy — including various kinds of massage and bodywork — searching for relief from a variety of problems; yet they did not find sufficient or complete relief until they experienced our unique approach to soft-tissue therapy. This skill is what sets us apart from many, if not most, of the therapists out there today.

Alternative Health Treatments

Ever focused on advancing alternative methods of healing we have recently added Colon Hydrotherapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency.


Colon Hydrotherapy


Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency

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