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Body Work

 60-minute Body Work

1 Session at $120.00

3 Sessions at $330.00

5 Sessions at $500.00

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Body Work

 First Responders & Military

One 60-minute Body Work is $100.00

First Responders, and Military who keep this country free and running safely and daily. As a thank you, we offer discounted Body Work!

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Massage & Dry Skin Brushing

One 60 -minute Massage & Dry Skin Brushing is $120.00    30 minute Massage & 30 minute Dry Skin Brushing 

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Deep Tissue Massage

One 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage Session is $120.00

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Therapeutic Sports Massage

One 60-minute Therapeutic Sports Massage Session is $120.00

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Thai Foot Massage

One 60 minute Thai Foot Massage is $120.00

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Consultations In Our Office By Appointment Only $60.00 for 30 minutes. Please call to make appointment.  Refundable with a Body Work Session

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Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift? We have gift certificates!

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