Our Staff


Katrina DuMonceaux

Katrina graduated from North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork with a special focus on soft tissue and the facia that runs throught the body. Her clinical experience opened her eyes to the sad truth that everyone has some sort of pain -- whether it stems from stress, old injuries, or imbalance in the body. Katrina finds it satisfying to help clients who struggle with chronic pain and other soft tissue issues by utilizing assessment and palpation to determine the source of, and develop a treatment plan for, restoring balance to the body.

H. Lee Forbes

Lee has had quite a diverse past, from advanced life support paramedic to international conference speaker to first-aid and CPR instructor. A graduate of North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork, Lee has had the pleasure of relieving pain in his clients with everything from worksite injuries to fibromyalgia to chronic “mommy's back.” Utilizing the principles of myofascial release, neuromuscular balancing and proprioceptor response Lee has seen amazing results in most of his patients in just a couple of hours. As the name implies, it is his and our hope that you will find the healing and restoration you seek at Arukah Touch.