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Why Try Us.

So often we have people come in our office who have been told that there is nothing more that can be done for them. It may be some chronic pain with recent onset or a problem they have been suffering with for years. On rare occasion do we find that statement to be true. Of the people coming to our clinic we have found that 90%+ have in fact conditions that need neither medication or invasive surgery. In almost every case we find that an imbalance in muscle tension due to a congenital condition, accident, chronic postural positioning or sudden unbalanced movement is causing strain on joints, tendons or other soft tissue that can either manifest itself in the place of pain or in some other distant spot by virtue of the body's kinetic chain. At Arukah Touch we focus on seeking out the origin of the pain and releasing or balancing the muscle tension to relieve that strain and remove the pain. So before you dive into prescription drugs or invasive surgery try giving us a chance. As our reviews will testify, many have that are glad they did.

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