Connecting To The Community

We are proud to join the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber works diligently to connect chamber members with the public to share businesses/services the public can access. We love our new community -- one that has welcomed us with open arms -- and we want to continue to connect with new people. Our goal is to make certain everybody knows pain-free living is an option. Our body work therapists manually relieve/correct myofascial imbalances so the body can regain its proper structural form, which in turn reduces and often eliminates pain. Whether it's from an injury, disease, or genetics, it's our hope you'll stop in our office and provide us an opportunity to see how we can help.

Chamber Board of Directors Chair Richard Jarrell (L) and Chamber President and CEO Michelle Rotellini (R) present Arukah Touch with a Chamber plaque.

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